10 charitable Valentines gifts to show your love (and give back!)

Finding the perfect gift, and giving back to those in need at the same time.

Valentine’s day is a tough one: how do you find the perfect gift for your partner? What’s the best way to communicate your love? And how can we show love to all the other people in the world whose Valentine’s day are less about love, and more about struggle?

We’ve got your back. We’ve found a bunch of great stuff for you that your spouse is sure to like. The best part is that when you buy any of these, a percentage goes to an important cause, just like with TPO Mobile. Pick one you like, and spread the love. You can thank us later!


1. Water Goods – Charity: Water

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From cool T-Shirts to snazzy phone cases, Water Goods is chock-full of great gifts to browse. There’s something for everyone, and 100% of profits go directly to clean water projects.

Get ‘em here!


2. STATE Bag – STATE bags

Every time you buy a STATE bag, the company delivers a bag packed with essentials to an American child in need. They’ve partnered with influential people like Beyonce to bring you some incredibly stylish products, and they’re a great way to let your lover know you love it when they look good.

There’s even 15% off for you if you sign up to their newsletter! Grab one here.


3. Toque Hat – Raise the Roof

Raise the Roof is well known for their extensive initiatives to tackle Homelessness in Canada. The Toque hat campaign alone has raised $7 million to date for preventing and fixing homelessness. 50% of proceeds go straight to agencies with initiatives to help the homeless. The rest go to the charity’s own homelessness prevention initiatives.

You can find them here.


4. Gift Bundle – Women’s Bean Project

Women’s bean Project are on a mission to make women stronger. They’re empowering girls around the world with the life skills they need to become more employable, and to take heed of their own destinies. If you’re after some beautiful handmade jewelry, fragrant instant teas, succulent sweets, and much more, this is a fantastic option, and you get to help support a female-owned company at the same time!

Find your nearest retailer here.


5. Starling Candle – The Starling Project

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If you feel your breath catch in your throat, chances are it’s because you’ve caught a whiff of a Starling Candle. These hand-poured candles are not only beautiful; they’re also responsible for raising over $100,000 for people living without electricity in sub-Saharan Africa. Long term solar power, Starling believe, is a realistically attainable solution for these people. We already know about the benefits.

Doing good is as easy as choosing a candle from their exquisite collection here. We recommend the Juniper + Saffron one—it’s practically heaven!


6. Mulberry Silk Eye Mask – Jeevan Jyoti AIDS Centre

These beautiful sleep aids are made 100% from eco-friendly materials, finished with anti-irritant color dyes and a cotton filling for extra comfort. A portion of your purchase goes directly to the Jeevan Jyoti AIDS Centre in Theni, India, and another to Focus Ireland, an Irish homelessness prevention charity. Help those in need whilst you sleep!

Grab one from The Ethical Silk Company here!


7. Charity Pot Lush Pot Body Lotion – misc. grassroots welfare organizations

We don’t need to introduce you to LUSH. But did you know that they make what’s probably the nicest body lotion around? Made from a range of fair-trade ingredients including soothing Kenyan Aloe, the Charity Pot is perfect for dry or sensitive skin. The best part? 100% of proceeds go to grassroots charity organizations, including those campaigning for human and animal welfare.

Buy one here.


8. LSTN Headphones – Starkey Hearing Foundation

These are probably the coolest headphones on the market. They’re sturdy, stylish, and crafted entirely by hand from real wood.

LSTN has partnered with the Starkey Hearing Foundation, giving a percentage of sales to the charity. Together they’ve already helped over 22,000 people in some of the world’s poorest countries, such as Uganda and the Dominican Republic. Give the gift of music, and of hearing!

Have a look at their amazing range here.


9. SWAP Socks – Seva Foundation

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285 million people around the world are suffering from visual impairment. It’s estimated around 80% of these cases are totally treatable. SWAP socks work alongside The Seva Foundation to provide invaluable eye care for the visually impaired all over the globe.

Each pack of SWAP socks contains 4 different socks made to be swapped with your partner. No favorites!

Check out their funky collections here.


10. A beautiful RBTL card – Mana Nutrition

One of the best ways to voice your appreciation is through a well thought-out card. Read Between The Lines is a card maker that takes this concept further, and has a huge array of cards that do the trick with a personalized touch, full of love.

Proceeds go to Mana Nutrition, a charity addressing childhood malnutrition across the planet.

Find them here.


Don’t forget to share the love!

Giving has been proven to make us happier. That’s why TPO Mobile gives 10% of your bill to a cause of your choosing, so you can help communities in need around the world while sending texts, watching Snapchats, or keeping up with the news. We even have a community platform curated by Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales. We’re that dedicated to positive change.

Make sure you give as much love as possible this Valentine’s day. We’re going to do our best, too!

Know about a gift or a cause that we’ve missed? Why not comment or tweet us at @TPOUS? We’d love to hear about it!

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