#ValentineTPO competition: time to win, and spread the love!

Please Note: This competition is now closed.

What you can win

This Valentine’s Day, TPO Mobile has one mission and one mission only: to spread the love.

Valentine’s Day isn’t just about receiving love. It’s about sharing love, too. That’s why we’re committed not just to giving you love but to helping you spread it. Why wait? We’ve got $100 credit to give to you, and $100 donation for the cause you LOVE.

What do we want from you? We want to know which cause you support, and why. Is it women’s rights? Is it child poverty? Is it hamster empowerment? It’s up to you. If you win, you get to make the call. Are you ready?

Our mission briefing’s below. Best of luck, TPO soldier!

The Mission

Objective: Spread the love.

Location: Anywhere in the US.

The method: Nominate a cause, tell us why you love it and share it on Facebook or Twitter with the hashtag, #ValentineTPO. It’s really that simple.

Reward: $100 credit and $100 donation to any cause you choose!

Giving for Valentine’s

We’re not exaggerating when we say that at TPO, giving is the most important part of what we do. We give thousands of customers great service at great prices, but we also give 10% of your bill to communities all over the world who need it the most. We’re ready to ramp it up and give even more. Are you? Tell us what you care about, and help us benefit thousands more. What are you waiting for?

Go on—put a smile on the face of your favourite cause and spread the love this Valentine’s day. #ValentineTPO

Good luck, you lovely people!

Terms apply.

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  • PATRICK | 9 months ago

    i love the spca because they have saved more dogs and cats then anyone else i know.and have rehomed more animals or found forever homes for animals instead of putting them down

    • TPOMobile | 9 months ago

      Where would we be without animals? It’s a shame that animal respect isn’t ubiquitous. We have a long way to go. TPO supports your cause all the way!

  • Edwin Wilson | 9 months ago

    Millionair Club Seattle. People walk in and are treated with decency, eat a good meal, get work, find their self respect. Get their lives back.

    • TPOMobile | 9 months ago

      Sounds like an amazing place, Edwin. We’ll continue to support them with your 10% pledge, so more people can transform their lives!

  • Jane Drennen | 9 months ago

    The International Rescue Committee would be a good choice. So many people fleeing oppression and war are now experiencing discrimination and opposition in their new environments. Anyway to ease their transitions would be an incredible gift to all of us.

    • TPOMobile | 9 months ago

      What an awful thing. At TPO, we believe in helping those less fortunate than we are, and those fleeing the atrocity of war are about as unfortunate as it gets. Thanks for your story, Jane.

  • Damon Connor, | 9 months ago

    i love supporting the Samaritan’s purse their a world organization around the world whether its bring clean drinking water to parts of the world that have no access to it.

  • Hassan Rostami | 9 months ago

    My chosen charity is German shepherd rescue organizations. I love GS and over the years have adopted many dogs and would do anything possible to help this bread.

    • TPOMobile | 9 months ago

      We love German Shepherds! We’re so glad people out there are looking out for them. Why not ask your friends to do the same? We’ll reward you nicely!


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