It’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Here’s why it’s important.

Breast Cancer Awareness Month TPO Mobile

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

TPO Mobile is proud to be partners with charities and causes of all kinds. We love letting customers support something they care about with their mobile phone bills, all year round. This month is a special one, however—it’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Here’s why it’s important.


The facts

Breast cancer affects 1 in 8 women. That makes it the second most deadly cancer for women, behind only lung cancer. Here’s what’s worse: it’s estimated that 1 in 37 of all women will die from it. That’s 40,610 women around the world every year. It’s more likely than not that during your lifetime, someone close to you will develop breast cancer.


What can we do?

Support research and relief. Donate to causes who conduct effective life-saving research, safety education, and support groups. Spread awareness and show our support for all women in the world, since every one is capable of developing this awful, deadly disease. Change is possible. We’ve got this.


Our breast cancer partner

One of our favorite cause partners is National Breast Cancer Foundation (NBCF). Every year, NBCF offers free mammograms and life-saving education programs to hundreds of thousands of women at risk. Without this amazing cause, thousands more women would be at risk of dying from breast cancer, and the world would be poorer without them.

Support Women TPO Mobile


I want to support breast cancer research

If you, like all of us at TPO Mobile, are eager to see the end of breast cancer, you can give to National Breast Cancer Foundation with a TPO Mobile prepaid plan and help fight cancer for Breast Cancer Awareness Month! You just pick your mobile phone plan, select National Breast Cancer Foundation to receive 10% of your monthly bill, at no extra cost to you, and you start helping save lives using just your mobile. It’s really that simple.


I think I have breast cancer!

If you think you or someone you know may have breast cancer, please take a look at this infographic and arrange a doctor’s appointment immediately. You could save a life! Tell someone you know about breast cancer awareness, spread the word, and let’s gather all the support we can find. Let’s beat breast cancer once and for all.

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