TPO Mobile Customer Spotlight: Cyndi and Dugan

customer spotlight cyndi dugan

Cure those January blues with Cyndi and Dugan!

We’re always on the lookout to feature stories that we think our customers will appreciate. Cyndi and Dugan’s Customer Spotlight story is the second in our series, and we certainly think it’s worth it!

Dugan is here at the beach posing alongside his proud owner, Cyndi. As you can see the two of them have a very special bond, going on walks together as often as they can. We were fortunate enough to get talk to her about TPO, and what it means to be part of a mobile network that gives back. Take a look below:

1. Why did you switch to TPO Mobile?

C: It’s more affordable on my budget and the fact that TPO donates 10% of my bill to a charity of my choice made the switch so much easier!

2. How did you hear about TPO?

C: A friend suggested TPO, I checked you out and I’ve loved it ever since!

3. Compared to your previous network provider, how is the service and your monthly bill?

C: Compared to my last network provider I’m saving myself $50 per month – that’s $600 a year!!! Plus, there are no hidden fees and I don’t lose out on the service! What’s not to love?

 4. What does it mean to you to support ASPCA with 10% of your mobile prepaid plan?

C: It really means a lot that 10% of my bill goes to the charity of my choice. I chose ASPCA because I’m an animal lover and on my budget, I can’t afford to donate as much as I’d wish. I have pride in being a TPO customer and I tell my friends and family about TPO!

 In fact, Dugan here is a big influence on my life. He’s what they call a ‘failed foster’ – a rescue that we fostered (my partner and I) before falling in love, so we decided to adopt him. He brings us so much joy; it made it easy to choose which cause to donate my 10% to! We also foster other dogs and some cats too, as our way of providing care to other animals that really need it.

 5. Do you feel that TPO has helped you make a difference?

C: Yes I do! Usually, when I get a bill it’s stressful, but TPO is so affordable and cares about a charity that it isn’t so stressful. Every month I feel like I make a difference when I use TPO [Mobile].

Why I Support ASPCA with TPO Mobile

As you can tell, being able to give back with her cell phone bill means a huge amount to Cyndi. It’s caring individuals like her that help make sure ‘failed foster’ animals still have a caring home to go to. In March 2017, we handed over a check with a whopping $9,533.52 to ASPCA. This money was all raised by our lovely customers just by using their mobile phones and went directly to this amazing cause.

We are delighted with Cyndi’s Customer Spotlight session. She was a pleasure to talk to and we wish her and Dugan all the best.

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