FSC Friday: These 4 amazing causes will plant trees for you!

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Planting trees for FSC Friday 2017

Every second, a football field’s worth of forests are destroyed. That’s a lot of trees we’re losing, and our forests are not getting any healthier. Our trees are declining, and we need to do something about it before irreversible changes to wildlife occur. September the 29th, then is a pretty special day—FSC Friday, the annual celebration of responsible forestry. That means one thing and one thing only: Today, it’s all about the trees.

 As part of FSC Friday, we want to help you plant as many trees as possible. Here are 4 amazing causes that will plant trees for you this FSC Friday and beyond.

 We know what we’re doing this weekend!


1. One Tree Planted

Don’t be fooled by the name. One Tree Planted have in fact planted thousands of trees in years of operation. Donations start at just $1—for one dollar you can help stop deforestation. That’s pretty good! You can even become a tree ambassador if you like, and really show your appreciation.


2. Plant a Billion Trees

“Infestations of diseases and invasive pests like the Emerald Ash Borer are killing tens of thousands of acres of trees nationally,” say Plant a Billion Trees, who are doing everything they can to ensure every dollar donated goes towards a tree planted in the US. There’s even an interactive map to help you check tree health around the country, so you can plant your own. What are you waiting for? Grab a spade!


3. National Forest Foundation

This cause builds and funds the communities that educate and promote tree growth all over the country. Donations start at a slightly-steep $15, but it’s well worth it. Their method is to unite, restore, engage, sustain, and add value. You can help too.


4. FSC

FSC themselves plant so many trees it makes our heads spin. They’re the organizers behind this awareness day and we respect their important work. Their certification system saves millions of trees worldwide by making sure businesses and products build things that help the planet, rather than hinder it. Get to it and join the fight!


Spread more goodness

We love trees. They oxygenate our planet and complement just about any area. We like nature and making sure everyone gets to enjoy it to the fullest, so we want to help as much as possible, and to allow you do the same.  One easy way to give to a pro-nature cause is by signing up to a TPO Mobile prepaid plan. On top of being a great provider with nationwide 4G LTE coverage, we also give 10% of your bill you any cause you like—at no extra cost to you. Why not pick a tree-conservation cause and start doing good with your mobile phone? It’s really as easy as it sounds!

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