Here’s why TPO Mobile is the perfect match for Millennials

TPO Mobile Millennials

Millennials care about giving back

Did you know that millennials—young people now in their 20s and early 30s—are many times more likely to give to charity than the previous generation? If you were born roughly between 1985 and 2000, the research is clear: you’re a born giver. If you’re a millennial, it’s likely you’re friendly, conscientious, and part of the age group most likely to give to worthy causes. That’s pretty cool!

But making positive change isn’t easy. There are so many barriers in the way. It takes a long time to find the right places, make the right connections, and figure out which organizations deserve our focus and donations. What does this mean for an optimistic, tech-savvy generation who like staying one step ahead? It means we need new ways to support the causes we love, a way that’s better integrated into our everyday lives and gives everyone the power to change their communities for the better and empower the people they love.


How TPO Mobile is helping

TPO Mobile is the network with a difference. With a prepaid mobile plan, you can give 10% of your bill to any cause you like, and it doesn’t cost you anything extra. Pretty cool, isn’t it? But you’re probably wondering how this is possible.

Here’s how: we spend very little on advertising. We don’t buy flashy billboards or TV commercials—we rely on our customers to spread the word instead. We’re a community of dedicated do-gooders, which lets us allocate our budget to the good causes you guys support. Our customers have already raised thousands for good causes, just by using their mobile phones. To see just how much, click here!


Pick a cause—any cause!

When we say you can support any cause you like with your mobile, we’re not kidding. If you pick one of our pay as you go cell phone plans, we’ll let you pick any organization with a registered charity number to give your free 10% to, and you don’t have to do anything else. You can give school supplies to children in need, protect hedgehogs and other endangered wildlife, fund and stock women’s fertility clinics, and much more. You can even support your local church or PTA—the choice is totally yours!

Take a look at some of the causes our customers have raised money for so far.


Millenials, TPO Mobile, and the mobile revolution

Whether you’re back at school, college, or work, be sure to share the love with the one thing you carry around with you all day, every day—your mobile phone. Every text and call you make could save lives, and every Snapchat you send could help in the fight against poverty around the world. You already prefer companies that do good, so why not join the network of goodness? You just switch, save, and support with a TPO Mobile prepaid plan and join the fight for good.

Join the mobile revolution TPO Mobile

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