What have we done to improve your TPO Newsletter?

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Welcome to your improved TPO Newsletter!

As the festive season approaches, we thought this would be a great time to relaunch our TPO Newsletter. You may recall we sent out a survey so we could see what our customers liked and disliked about it. Understanding what types of content you prefer, what news you care about so we could tailor it better to our customer’s needs.

We have taken your comments and feedback on board and we’re delighted to share the improvements below, take a look:


  • Monthly newsletter instead of weekly

You can now expect to see the TPO Newsletter swing into your inbox at the start of every month. We’ll be keeping an eye out to make sure our customers prefer this, so any comments you can leave us below would be hugely appreciated.


  • More giveaways and contests

You asked for more giveaways and contests to be included in the newsletter, so we’ve taken this on board and incorporated it into our content schedule. If we’ve got a giveaway or contest coming up, the newsletter is the first place you’ll find out about it. Keep your eyes peeled!


  • More news from your cause

Giving back to causes is one of the main reasons why our customers choose TPO Mobile. It’s their chance to give some goodness back, just by using their cell phones. Our newsletter will now feature a section designated to one of our cause partners and the amazing work they’re doing. If you have any comments about causes or charities you’d like to see, you can always drop us a comment below.


  • Video content and blog articles

Many of you highlighted video content as your preferred type of media, with blog articles coming a close second. We’ve taken this on board and we hope that from now on you’ll enjoy the videos that get featured in your monthly newsletters.


We always like to hear what our customers think so if you have an idea, feedback or comments, do let us know!

There are 3 comments for this post

  • Earle Jackson | 4 months ago

    As soon as I can understand the full scope on how it’s done, I will be showing some people how to activate your phones, I will not do much till after the holly days. . . Thanks for the improved News Letter. . . earle

  • George | 4 months ago

    Cool, Thanks for coming back… I missed your blog…


  • Kathy Kravitz | 3 months ago

    I appreciate TPO’s commitment to making the world a better place for everyone, through its donations to important causes. I also appreciate your change to a monthly newsletter, too, because I get so much email already.

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