TPO Mobile Customer Spotlight: Genya K

Customer Spotlight

Welcome to the season of giving!

It’s a wonderful time of year to show your friends and family just how special they are. Here at TPO Mobile, we love bringing a little goodness to others, and what better time is there to let our customers know how much they mean to us than during the festive season! Back on Giving Tuesday, we kicked off the season of giving by announcing our Customer Spotlight – a chance to feature customers that have done so much to support great causes around the world.

Today we want to bring you the story of Genya – one of our lovely customers who was particularly captivated with the great work by Camp Kesem.

This brilliant charity finds a way for children with terminally ill parents to bond with one another at a unique summer camp unlike any other. In an environment they can trust, these children and young adults can find enjoyment and friendship when they most need it.

We had a chance to chat to Genya and this is what she had to say:

1. Why did you switch to TPO Mobile?

G: I liked the idea of giving back and TPO make it so simple to do so, plus the value for money and lower rates made it a no brainer for me.

2. How did you hear about TPO?

G: I was on Google comparing different prices for phone companies, TPO seemed to be the best fit.

3. Compared to your previous network provider, how is the service and your monthly bill?

G: The service is great! I’ve never have any dropped calls and my coverage is usually very good, not once have I had no coverage! My monthly bill is significantly cheaper than T-Mobile. No contract is a huge plus for me too.

4. What does it mean to you to support Camp Kesem with 10% of your mobile prepaid plan.

G: Camp Kesem is an organization that puts an amazing camp on every summer for kids with parents suffering from a terminal illness. I am delighted to support them every month with my 10% contribution.

5. Do you feel that TPO has helped you make a difference?

G: Yes! I love that I can donate money in such an easy way.

Thanks for sharing with us Genya. We’re so grateful to feature you on our Customer Spotlight series!

Would you like to be featured in our Customer Spotlight series?

We’re always looking for ways to give back, and will be featuring other great customers like Genya in our Customer Spotlight series over the next year in 2018. Keep on the lookout on our social media channels with #TeamTPO and our blog for more great stories!

Our goal is to raise billions for good causes worldwide, while delivering goodness with every connection made. If you felt inspired by Genya’s story and how she is making a difference with her cell phone plan, why not take a look at our great prepaid plans by clicking below and we can find the right one for you:

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