We loved these amazing #TPOBack2School giveaway entries!

TPO Mobile favorite #Back2School giveaway entries

Some of our favorite #Back2School giveaway entries

Last week, our #Back2School giveaway came to a close. If you missed it, here’s the winner of our Birksun Solar Backpack, and a whole year free with TPO Mobile. We had some runner ups too, who each got a $50 TOMs voucher. We chose TOMs because we love their core mission–they’re all about making a positive difference in the world! We love it when our customers do the same.

Though we believe those giveaway entries deserved to win it, we received way too many good ones to pass up. So many of these had us in stitches, we thought we’d put them in this blog for you to enjoy. Here you go!

Here’s Nikki with pants…more or less intact.

Giveaway entries

Too many of us can relate to Daniella’s problem!

giveaway entries

This one’s too embarrassing for words. 🙊

giveaway entries

Here’s Trisha and her predicament.

giveaway entries

Mom’s bad lunches hit a little close to the bone…

giveaway entries

For some of us, school is just not the place… #anxiousthoughts

giveaway entries

The rest of us can’t even make it out of bed!

giveaway entries

And, last but not least…

giveaway entries

Thank you to everyone who took part in the giveaway. We hope your school days are a little brighter from now on!


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